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How High Intensity Training (HIT) works?

In the fitness scene, trends belong to the good tone: Recently, the abbreviation HIT (High Intensity Training) emerges more and more often in common Internet forums and the media. The idea behind HIT is already 40 years old. But what is the purpose of the training method, in which athletes should consciously reach their limits?

High Intensity Training - for who is it suitable?

HIT is not suitable for beginners. It`s a intensive training only for advanced studio trainers or bodybuilders.

Is High Intensity Training for Cardio?

High intensity training is also available in the endurance range. HIT is only for the force training. For the endurance training you should use an inter-wall method that is created for your individual goals. Anyone who wants to train her or his condition should n addition to the HIT, should not put the two training sessions into one day. Because of the physical fatigue there is no further learning effect for the muscle and the risk of injury increases enormously.

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What is the advantage of HIT?

It is an effective and efficient muscle building training with little time expenditure.

In conclusion, High Intensity Training not for everyone!

It is not surprising that High Intensity Training is just as popular: the workout delivers results in a relatively short time. The warnings of fitness expert should not be ignored: HIT is only something for tried and tested studio athletes. Anyone who follows the High Intensity Training should pay attention to the correct execution of the exercises and allow themselves sufficient resting breaks.

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